My first attempt to take pictures was in 2003, since then I've tried out some digital compact cameras. In a meantime my requirements for image quality have grown and I've obtained DSLR, Canon EOS 400D with 18-55mm lens. The difference between compact and DSLR was huge. I litteraly had to learn how to take pictures again and found out where the basic priciples of analogue cameras lies.
Then i've realized that everything dependns on lens. So i bought 50mm 1.4f which gives me great enthusiasm. I was also always fan of great magnification even from near or far, then macro and tele lens are essential ...but also very expensive. The cheapest way to get these is to buy old manual lens from second hand. This gear cannot be complete without an external flash, tripods and additional accessories. Most of my works consist of nature, animals, abstracts and experiments, not all them are published here.
Recently i've updated my camera body to Canon EOS 600D.

I hope, you'll enjoy viewing my photos and site :)